Broj aktivnih oglasa: 3/8
Kreirana: 18.07.2023.
Puni naziv: Geomet d.o.o. Olovo
Adresa: Husein kapetana Gradaščevića
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JIB/PDV: 4403205630009 / -

Opis poslodavca

The Olovo concession was acquired by Mineco in 2012 and received in 2018 the first new Exploitation License to be issued in Bosnia & Herzegovina in over thirty years. The project is located 5 kilometres from the town of ‘Olovo’, which is the local word for lead. The mineralisation in the area has been known since Saxon times, however the first commercial attempt at extraction, which began in the late 1980s, was halted in 1992. The vein mineralisation is up to 15m thick and extends over almost two kilometres horizontally. After extraction, the ore will be processed in a gravity separation plant, which requires no chemicals to separate the minerals. The plant has been successfully commissioned in autumn 2019 and is currently ramping up to target production levels.
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